A Victory for Humanity

posted on:
2 In may 1978
Aliyah - Prisoners of Zion, Return to Zion. Diaspora - Diaspora Jewry, Exile, Jewish Communities (abroad). States - Soviet Union (Russia)

We owe a special debt and concern for a remnant of the Jewish people in Europe, our brethren in the Soviet Union.  Their return to Judaism, their plight and fight for the return to the Land of Israel is, historically, the second greatest event of our time after the renewal of our independence.  We must stand by them and wage an incessant campaign for their inalienable right to reach the historic homeland of the Jewish people.

 Admittedly, we have difficulties in many spheres of life.  But, if we remember where we were and what we were only one generation ago in the 30's and in the 40's, and how, with our own initiative, sacrifice and effort, we changed the situation of our people fundamentally from tragedy to triumph, we have reason to believe that we shall overcome all the obstacles and guarantee the future of our children's children.