A Lesson in Democracy

posted on:
10 In aug 1977
States - Britain/England. Democracy , Security - Fundamentals of Israeli Security, Self-Defense

Upon taking office I gave an oath of allegiance before the Knesset to the effect that I would faithfully fulfil my duty as Prime Minister of Israel.  And, Mr. Sacher, I intend to do my best and utmost to fulfil my duty for the constitutional duration of the 9th Parliament.  I shall do so as long as the Government I head enjoys the confidence of the House.  As far as I am aware, this is called in several countries, including Britain:  Democracy.

I must state with a full sense of responsibility that your concept of Israel's security would lead us into untenable conditions of permanent bloodshed, a general war under the most intolerable circumstances and a direct danger to the very existence of Israel and its people.  You will, therefore, understand why your concept is utterly unacceptable.

We shall go on doing our very best to obtain peace with security not only for our own generation but also for our children and their children.