Why I Wrote The Revolt, Story of the Irgun

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21 In sept 1951
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The introduction to Begin's book, THE REVOLT, published as an op-ed in the American Jewish Review, in which Begin explains why he wrote the book. It was mostly to remind Jews that there are things worth fighting and even dying for. But it was also to remind non-Jews that the 'fighting Jew' had returned to the world. Begin devotes the rest of the op-ed to British readers, who would be wary of him as a former 'terrorist' and possibly insulted by the words he has for the British authorities and government. He admits to being motivated by hate, but not hate for the British people. In short, it was a hatred of injustice born out of a love of good and justice and of one's people, so it was a hatred all decent men should share. In the end, under similar circumstances, Begin would lead the revolt all over again.
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