Who Will Act For Israel – If not Israel

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
30 In apr 1954
Individuals - Abraham (Yair) Stern, Moshe Sharett. States - Britain/England, Egypt, Jordan, Soviet Union (Russia). Underground - Etzel. Security - Fundamentals of Israeli Security, Reprisal Actions. Government , Greater Land of Israel - Greater Israel, Transjordan. Foreign Policy - Israel-U.S. Relationship, Israel-UN relationship, UN. Peace , Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Terror Attack
Begin focuses on Moshe Sharett's and the UN's reactions to the murder at Scorpions' Pass and the Jewish reprisal at Nahalin. After Scorpion's Pass, Begin shares that Sharett indirectly approached the UN Security Council and ultimately the UN Security Council did not think the case was proven. Then Nahalin occurred and, while Begin condones the attack, the UN and Sharett condemned it. Begin continues to express why he does not condemn the attack and further explains the double standard the UN places on Israel. He explains that Israel must do what is best for itself, including stopping the spillage of Jewish blood. Begin shares that the Ha'aretz newspaper criticized his standpoints, however, after Nahalin, it deemed the event to be 'cruel logic.' In his conclusion Begin acknowledges that the Arab guerilla warfare will continue and no Israeli citizen is safe from these attacks. Begin argues that the warfare will stop once there is no more partition, once the entire Homeland is liberated.