When Churchill Goes

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
21 In may 1954
States - Britain/England, Soviet Union (Russia), USA. Foreign Policy - Cold War, Diplomacy. Ideologies - Communists
Begin focuses on the conversation of Churchill stepping down as Prime Minister of England. He first mentions that Anthony Eden will not be unanimously elected to be Churchill's successor by the House of Commons. He then shifts to evaluate Churchill's accomplishments while being Prime Minister to try and determine what changes would happen in England if Churchill resigned. First though, he acknowledges what is out of Churchill's control, one being demographics. He focuses on England's relationship with the United States and Churchill rescuing England from an American diplomatic 'prong.' According to Begin, Churchill is a statesman. Eden, Begin argues, is not and gives examples of his attitude towards the Hydrogen bomb debate. Begin concludes with saying that the Israeli Government is unable to comprehend the difference between national and international affairs. This is dangerous for Israel.