What is Behind the Municipal Scandal

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
22 In jan 1963
Coalition , Political Parties - Herut, Liberal Party, Mapai. Opposition
Begin criticizes Mapai's attempts to regain control of the Beersheva and Rishon LeZion. He explains that Mapai tried to form a coalition with Herut in both cities. Begin shares that Mapai used to gain support by proclaiming its hatred towards Herut. Additionally, Begin explains that Herut and the Liberals have a relationship Herut wants to honor that. Furthermore, Begin argues that Herut will not help Mapai regain any local power and Herut will continue to work towards defeating Mapai in the cities Mapai still rules. Begin argues that Mapai is power-hungry as a result of their disbelief that a different party can successfully rule. Begin concludes that the country can do well without Mapai, with Beersheva being an example.