What is ‘a Piece of Peace’

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
8 In oct 1974
Political Parties - Achdut Ha'avoda. States - Egypt, Soviet Union (Russia), USA. Security - Fundamentals of Israeli Security, Six-Day War. Government , Individuals - Henry Kissinger, Yitzchak Rabin. Jewish Heritage - Holocaust, Linguistics. Interim Agreements , Foreign Policy - Israel-U.S. Relationship. Peace , Peace Agreements , peace process with Egypt , Diaspora - The Jewish Agency
Begin expresses his belief that the Government is guilty of political blunder. He first explains that the Israeli Government is not alone; other governments have also slacked on being honest with its citizens. He specifically critique's the Government's decision to renounce its demand for both direct negotiations with its neighbors and retreat from land only after signed peace treaties. He counter-argues Henry Kissinger's argument that since Israel's neighbors do not agree to peace treaties, it is unrealistic for Israel to demand peace treaties. Begin speaks about what Arab leaders demand and then provides examples of peace treaties and territorial changes post-World War II. He concludes with a hope that the Jewish New Year will bring peace treaties and awareness of any new political blunder by the Government.