We Strive for True Freedom

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
21 In sept 1965
Elections , Economy - Employer-Employee Relationship. Political Parties - Gahal, Herut, Liberal Party, Mapai
Begin discusses Gahal's philosophy during a time when Gahal attempts to get elected in the Histadrut elections. He first writes how he is proud to be part of Gahal and his hopes for Gahal impacting Israel's future. If Gahal were to get elected into Histadrut, then the Histradrut would represent all of Israel, not just Mapai. Then he talks about three types of states. The first two are states with social anarchy and social dictatorship. The third, which he makes clear is Gahal's vision of a state, is a state with social responsibility. Begin states the philosophy of Gahal, which consists of three freedoms: "freedom of professional association," "freedom from any enforced interlocking of the professional union with the ownership of the enterprises," and "freedom of any interconnection between the regime and the work-provider." His article ends by stating that social responsibility is based on having both freedom and justice.