We Shall Return to the Heritage of our Ancestors

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
19 In apr 1966
Coalition , Democracy , Elections , Political Parties - Gahal, Herut, Liberal Party, Mapai. Government , Greater Land of Israel - Greater Israel. Jewish Heritage - Linguistics. Opposition , Parliamentarism
Begin expresses the importance of unity of the Motherland. He argues that the Jewish people have a historic and eternal right to the land. If the land becomes Israel's, "it will not be foreign soil that we shall be occupying; but we shall be returning to the heritage of our ancestors." He believes that this concept should be accepted by the whole Zionist movement. However, currently this is not the case, even with Herut's partner, the Israel Liberal Party. Begin stresses that Gahal (the Herut-Liberal Bloc) cannot become one unified party unless the Liberal Party agrees with Herut on this principle. However, Begin also stresses that he finds Gahal's existence important, especially when talking about the current Government under the Mapai regime.