We Seek a Mandate from the Nation to Form a Government

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1 In aug 1973
Individuals - Abraham (Yair) Stern, Anwar Sadat, David Ben-Gurion, Gunnar Jarring, Levi Eshkol, Moshe Dayan, William Rogers, Yigal Alon. States - Britain/England, Egypt. Coalition , Democracy , Foreign Policy - Diplomacy. Liberty of Men - Economic Freedom. Economy - Economic Reform, Free Market. Election System , Elections , Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Fatah, Rogers Plan. Political Parties - Gahal, Herut, Likud. Government , Greater Land of Israel - Greater Israel, Settlements. Knesset , Kol Israel , Opposition , Security - Six-Day War
An interview Begin gave to Rafael Bashan of Yediot Aharonot during the negotiations for the formation of the Likud bloc. Begin asserts that there is a strong common denominator between the various parties that are trying to form this new bloc. Contrary to rumors that Begin chose the name 'opposition alignment' no name had as yet been chosen for the new bloc. The time of the National Unity Government is over, and a one-party government would not function better but would be worse for democracy. The government, while not being able to carry out the program, had undertaken to give back parts of Judea and Samaria. Begin believes that the public needed to see a party staying 100% committed to its principles. He is proud of his demand in 1967 that Moshe Dayan be made the Minister of Defence because the national unity government that resulted greatly helped Israeli and IDF morale in the days leading up to the Six Day War. Begin demands settlement of all of the Land of Israel.
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