We Hear the Cry For Bread and Work

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
14 In jone 1966
Economy - budget. Government , Foreign Policy - Israel-Germany Relationship, Israel-U.S. Relationship. Political Parties - Mapai. Opposition , Ideologies - Socialism
Begin examines Israel’s economic crisis. He claims that Israel is more socialist than it has ever been, and simultaneously, there have been a wave of strikes never before experienced. He believes that the Government is responsible for this economic crisis. Begin discusses how Israel is seen as both a developing and developed country. It is seen as developing because of the U.S. providing "surplus food" aid and Germany giving Israel a loan under the framework of aid to a developing State. Furthermore, unlike in Israel, developed countries provide unemployment insurance. Israel could be seen as developed because of the milliards of dollars given to the State. Begin claims that the Government cares about its citizens only with pressure. Begin is frustrated by the Government's patch-working actions, instead of coming up with a plan. As result of the Government's lack of serious action, there is more emigration and less immigration; and immigration is crucial for the country's future.