We Could Abstain

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
12 In dec 1961
Jewish Heritage - Anti-Semitism. States - Britain/England, France. Individuals - David Ben-Gurion. Foreign Policy - Diplomacy, Fundamentals of Foreign Policy, UN. Human Rights - Equal rights. Diaspora - Jewish Communities (abroad)
Begin addresses what attitude Israel should hold towards South Africa. He first speaks about the end of the colonialism era and its complications. Begin then shares his encounter with apartheid during his visit to South Africa. He believes that there is nothing uglier than human degradation. Begin reminds its readers that nations from the East and the West are protesting against this degradation, however, when Jews were persecuted, they were silent. Begin then criticizes Ben Gurion for expressing his support in South Africa's Opposition party. He then shares the repercussions for Ben Gurion's actions, a main one being the loss of foreign relations and interests, which is dangerous while existing in a world where Israel has many enemies and few friends. Begin concludes by mentioning that in a recent UN vote, Israel's delegation should have abstained.