U.N. Debates the Palestinian Lie

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
11 In nov 1975
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Begin focuses on which views are considered progressive and reactionary when talking about Arabs of Israel/Palestinians. He discusses how there are people who think that they are progressive for recognizing the Palestinian entity. This includes Jews and American professors. Begin believes, though, that their thoughts are hypocritical. He goes into detail about what this Palestinian entity does and what it means for the Israel. This entity, he argues, believes in using the right to fight by all means, including targeting women and children. Ultimately, it jeopardizes Israel's future. Begin shifts to respond to the argument that not supporting the Palestinian entity means that he supports Israel ruling over Arabs. The argument continues saying that ruling over Arabs is a cancer for Israel. Begin remarks that he does not believe in ruling over Arabs, but rather living with them "in mutual tolerance."