Time is in Israel’s Favour

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
25 In nov 1975
Ideologies - Communists. Security - Fundamentals of Israeli Security, Nuclear capabilities, weapons of mass destruction. Jewish Heritage - Holocaust. Foreign Policy - Israel-U.S. Relationship. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Partition Plan, Rogers Plan. States - USA
Begin talks about the pressure the United States attempts to put on Israel, claiming that there is limited time left for the Rogers Plan. Begin focuses how it is important for Israel not to rush because time is actually on Israel's side. He talks about how time worked against Jews during the Holocaust. Also, if Jews did not take time into their own hands, the Partition Plan would have been seen through. He mentions the U.S.'s insecurity regarding the Communist powers, China and Russia. Additionally, Begin mentions that time accelerated the creation of the most sophisticated weapons, which benefits Israel's security. Just like weapons, time will also help, not hurt, Israel's security. He argues that time will show Israel's enemies that they do not have any chance of destroying Israel. Therefore, Israel should not give into the U.S.'s pressure claiming that there is limited time left to guarantee Israel's security.