The Truth about the King David Hotel

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22 In july 1947
States - Britain/England. Underground - British Mandate, Etzel, Haganah, Underground Operation, United Resistance Movement
The plan to attack the King David Hotel had been decided months in advance. After several delays the attack was finally carried out with the approval of the Jewish Resistance Movement. After the attack led to many casualties, the Jewish Resistance Movement informed the Etzel that it would not make any announcements regarding the attack, only to condemn it just a few days later. The loss of life was caused by Shaw's refusal to evacuate the hotel, but the Jewish Resistance Movement allowed anti-Etzel propaganda to run rampant without any counter-narrative. An expert from the Jewish Resistance Movement then lied about the planned timing of the attack. The Etzel proposed that each side choose representatives that are known to not be sympathetic to the Etzel, to hold a trial between them to determine the facts, but the Jewish Resistance Movement refused this proposal. Now it is up to the people to judge.