The Strike

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
6 In feb 1962
capital rule , Individuals - David Ben-Gurion. Economy - Employer-Employee Relationship. Ideologies - Socialism. The Five Mem's
Begin addresses David Ben Gurion's attitude towards the current engineer strikers. Begin starts by referencing to a time pre-Statehood when Ben Gurion instructed the leader of Haganah to annul his signature in an agreement that was with Etzel. Then Begin argues that Ben Gurion was involved in preventing the engineer employees coming to an agreement with their employers. Begin continues to explain Ben Gurion's negative perspective on the strike and goes so far to call the strike "savage." Furthermore, Begin counter-argues Ben Gurion's claim that the strikers do not want to work. Begin shifts to share that since most strikes end in compromise, it is important to think if a strike could be avoided. Then he shares that doctors, teachers, and engineers should only strike as a last-resort. Begin concludes that the Mapai's "lack of differentiation" system is paralyzing and that the "5 mem's" should be the minimum all Israelis should receive.