The Silver Pistol

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
26 In mar 1954
Foreign Policy - Israel-U.S. Relationship, Israel-UN relationship. States - Jordan, Soviet Union (Russia). Individuals - Moshe Sharett
Begin writes about the Jordan hydro-electric project and discusses why Moshe Sharett has delayed the continuation of this vital endeavor. Begin first goes into detail about building taking place on multiple countries in various continents. He then expresses that the Government has a 'building complex,' and that complex needs to disappear. Begin makes clear that even Sharett has found this project to be a 'life-line.' He explains that the project was initially halted because John Foster Dulles threatened that if Israel continues to build, the US will not give Israel an important grant. Begin shifts to discuss the Israel-US relationship Israel within the United Nations. Unlike any other region, the UN has "an inseparable and sovereign portion of the State," which mistakenly allows Arabs to call themselves citizens of the UN, and not Israel. Begin refocuses on the hydro-electric project and explains that Sharett is afraid of Dulles using the 'silver pistol' again.