The Real Danger Facing Israel

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
10 In dec 1963
Security - Army, Fundamentals of Israeli Security, Self-Defense, weapons of mass destruction. Individuals - David Ben-Gurion. States - Egypt, Germany. Elections , Government , Political Parties - Herut. Knesset , Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Refugee Issue
Begin writes about the threat Egypt poses on Israel's security because of its development of weapons of mass destruction, with the assistance of German scientists. Begin first speaks about how these German scientists assist Nasser. Additionally, if Germany passes a law against German scientists in Egypt, it will not apply to those already there. Begin reassures his readers, though, by explaining that Israel will win in a battle against Egypt, even if Egypt is supported by a United Arab front. However, he does express concern about Israel only having conventional weapons to counter non-conventional weapons. He shifts to speak about how the Israeli Government has not acted against Germany and its scientists assisting Egypt. Begin concludes that the Government's lack of action may lead to Herut demanding immediate elections, and not wait two more years.