The Plan to Dissect the Homeland-A New British Commission

Underground Messages
posted on:
24 In aug 1946
States - Britain/England. Underground - British Mandate. Individuals - Chaim Weizmann, Nahum Goldmann. Greater Land of Israel - Jerusalem. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Partition Plan
An Etzel Broadcast from August 1946. The British are plotting to dissect Eretz Israel, which would be a "reprehensible crime." It would be at the cost of the survivors of the Holocaust and to future generations. Yet certain Jews are complying with this plan. This compliance is also a crime, and will turn the Jewish people and Jewish leaders against each other. Even worse, it was the Jewish Agency that proposed the idea of partition. The British always delay for time, and the Jewish leadership never learns from past experience to see British tactics for what they are. The Jewish people must unite around new, responsible leadership.