The Israel Govt. Has Broken Faith with the Knesset

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
25 In may 1971
Security - Army. Individuals - Golda Meir, Gunnar Jarring. Government , Interim Agreements , Foreign Policy - Israel-U.S. Relationship. Knesset , Peace , Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Rogers Plan. States - Soviet Union (Russia). Supremacy of the Law
Begin discusses the Government going against the Knesset's decision in regards to retreating from the Suez Canal. Begin explains how the Government told the Government of the United States, in writing and verbally, that Israeli troops would retreat from the Suez Canal if the Canal was reopened to international shipping. Since the Government made pledges to maintain the decisions of the Knesset, Begin claims that the Government's current actions are a breach to the basic law of the State. Begin then reflects on past situations and how he is in disbelief that after all this, the Government still considers withdrawing without a peace treaty. Begin remarks at the end that if Israel is not making good decisions, then there is no reason for the United States to make decisions considerate of Israel's security.