The Irresponsible Conduct of Mr. Sharet

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
19 In mar 1954
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Begin writes about the Kibiya operation and his disagreement about Moshe Sharett's response. He first mentions that unlike other nations fighting to retain independence, if Israel loses independence it will not only be a national disaster, it will mean annihilation of its citizens. He shifts to address Sharett's comment about Arab States partaking in a cold war against Israel. Begin explains that because there is bloodshed, it is actually a hot war. Begin explains that Sharett's response about Kibiya was irresponsible for multiple of reasons. He mentions that Diaspora Jewry did not react the same negative way Knesset members reacted, even though their news sources made it seem like the Kibiya operation sprung out from nowhere. He also brings up irresponsible actions of Jewish leaders in the midst of Israel's independence. Begin concludes that Sharett's comments about Kibiya are problematic because he did not mention the Jewish bloodshed.