The Inspiration

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
4 In jone 1963
Education - Hadar (Civility). Individuals - Ze'ev Jabotinsky
Begin writes about Ze'ev Jabotinsky and first lists Jabotinsky as a "poet, philologist, statesman, sociologist, author, orator and soldier." He praises Jabotinsky's capability of mastering Hebrew. Then Begin provides examples through history that led people to see Jabotinsky as a statesman. For example, he predicted that Britain would open a front in the Middle East and he believed that Zionists must help Britain fight Turkey. Also, Jabotinsky understood the necessity for a Jewish State long before other Zionist leaders. Additionally, Begin mentions that Jabotinsky knew that for survival, there must be a Jewish Army. He concludes that Jabotinsky had a fighting spirit and that the nation owes gratitude to him, "the bearer of the Vision of the State."