The Great U.S. Moral Crisis is Affecting Israel

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
27 In apr 1971
Foreign Policy - American Jewry, Israel-U.S. Relationship. States - France, Soviet Union (Russia), USA. Security - Nuclear capabilities, Six-Day War, weapons of mass destruction. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Rogers Plan. Individuals - William Rogers
Begin focuses on the United States Supreme Court and American opinions regarding the Mai-Lai massacres. Ultimately, he makes the point that for Israel, it is important that the U.S. is stable. He starts off by talking about U.S. Supreme Court judges accusing each other of acquitting the guilty. Then he describes the William Calley's case about Calley killing civilians and the Mai-Lai massacre. He talks about how Americans are coping with this information. There is a comparison made by a commentator between this crisis and the Dreyfus trial. American students, among other citizens, are losing confidence in the president because of the amount of time the U.S. has been at war. Then he shifts to talking about America's Middle East policy. He claims that the U.S. shifts between two contradicting policies, one that favors Israel's enemies and one that supports Israel. Lastly, Begin explains that the current crisis in America is encouraging American Jews to strongly support Israel.