The Fight for Liberation and Nationhood

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1 In jan 1947
States - Britain/England, Germany. Underground - British Mandate, Etzel, Haganah, illegal immigration, Underground Operation. Diaspora - Diaspora Jewry. Political Parties - General Zionists. Jewish Heritage - Holocaust
A call to action during the revolt against the British in 1947. The Etzel is revolting in order to bring justice and freedom to Eretz Israel. World War Two had cut the fighters of Eretz Israel off from the world and from the Jews of Europe. Without 'British perfidy' the slaughtered millions of Europe could have been saved by being brought to Palestine. The Etzel carried out dozens of attacks and built its arsenal by taking weapons from the British. Now that World War Two is over the Jews mourn their six million dead and resent that their homeland is still closed to the survivors. Now even the 'appeasers' who criticized the Etzel in the past are united against the rule of Britain. Britain itself has a massive, modern army in Palestine to suppress the revolt. Begin ends by pleading for help in manpower, supplies, and money to better carry out the revolt.
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