The 1972 Jabotinsky Ferment Among the Jews of Russia

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
11 In july 1972
Underground - British Mandate. Ideologies - Communism, Communists, Fascism, Socialism. Political Parties - Gahal, Herut. Greater Land of Israel - Greater Israel. Jewish Heritage - Holocaust, Linguistics. Individuals - Levi Eshkol, Ze'ev Jabotinsky. Aliyah - Return to Zion. Security - Six-Day War. States - Soviet Union (Russia)
Begin focuses on the importance of Jews immigrating to Israel from Russia. He describes Russian Jews reading and deeply connecting with Jabotinsky's writings about the relationship between Jews and Eretz Israel. Then Begin reflects on his commitment to bringing Russian Jews to Israel. He remembers that Russia's ambassador to Israel telling him that the Russian Jews will not vote for Begin's party because they are coming for a socialist country. Begin strongly responded that the main thing is to allow them to come. He then talks about how Russian Jews and Herut have similarities. Then Begin argues against the claim that Russian Jews will see the State as fascist. He explains that it is clear the State is a democracy because there are many political parties and in Israel, one can vote for whichever party he wants, because he is a free man.