Text of Record for Broadcast to the American People

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4 In july 1947
States - Britain/England, USA. Underground - British Mandate, Etzel, illegal immigration, Underground Operation. Individuals - Dov Gruner. Jewish Heritage - Holocaust. Human Rights - torture
A call to the American people during the revolt against the British in 1947. The British were given a mandate to prepare the land to be a homeland for the Jewish people but has spent thirty years cheating the Jews out of their homeland instead. The Etzel has long recognized the true aim of the British and vows not to stop fighting until the British are kicked out of the country. Americans can help by pressuring the US government to not let Britain get away with its crimes in Palestine, by boycotting British goods, by sending more ships to transport Jewish refugees to Palestine, and by donating money and goods to the fighters so they can have as much supplies and weapons as necessary. The Jewish people is determined to win its freedom, and has many Dov Gruners willing to fight and die for that freedom. The Jewish nation calls to America for help in attaining its freedom.
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