Speech at a Public Meeting Held in Rishon le Zion

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8 In sept 1948
Security - Army, War of Independence. States - Britain/England. Underground - British Mandate, Etzel. Coalition , Human Rights - Emergency Procedures. Ideologies - Fascism. Government , Political Parties - Herut, Mapai. Foreign Policy - UN
A statement by Begin at a public meeting in Rishon LeZion in 1948. The state was not founded under idyllic conditions, and the Underground was forced to operate without outside help, even with slander from within Eretz Israel. Even after the State as founded the Jewish Agency was willing to support the Morrison plan, which would have turned the State into a ghetto. The Herut Movement's fight prevented that calamity. The United Nations is serving the imperialist interests of the British, and the Arab Nations can fight with little cost to their economies while Israel's fighting takes a great toll on its economy. At home the Mapai Party has all but seized the State for itself and identifies itself as the State. It has also implemented unnecessary Emergency Laws which are anti-democratic. The Herut Movement will not consent to be ruled by fascists.
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