Our Right to National Self Defence

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
3 In apr 1962
Security - Army, Reprisal Actions, Self-Defense. Ideologies - Communists. Political Parties - Herut, Mapam. Knesset , States - Soviet Union (Russia), Syria, USA
Begin writes in "Herut" about the current Syrian aggression and how Israel should respond. He first suggests for Israel to counter-attack only when Israel will choose the place and time. He criticizes the denial of any Knesset debate regarding the Syrian aggression and then he responds to the argument that Israel retaliated out of proportion. In this response, he provides an example of when Russia shot down an American spy pilot to show that if Russia can use all military means on a spy plane in the name of self-defense, then Israel should be allowed to self-defend against an aggressive neighbor. He shifts to argue how the "Davar" newspaper would have negatively responded to Israel's recent counter-attack if Herut was in power. Begin concludes in honoring the Hebrew soldier and that their blood spilt in a battle is never spilt in vain.