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1 In jan 1900
שונות - אנגלית
After both the Government and the Knesset take stands against withdrawing from any territory without a peace agreement, making it the lawful duty of the Government to exercise the will of the Knesset in this matter, the Government agrees in principle, if not in practice to withdraw from the Suez Canal after negotiations with the USA over the reopening of the Canal. In return the USA promises not to pressure Israel to make further territorial concessions. Begin says that this is a betrayal of public trust and a violation of articles 3 and 15 of the Basic Laws: the Government. He also calls it a violation of the Knesset's confidence in the Government. Begin considers the discussion with the Americans on the subject, after four years of steadfastly holding the position of not one millimeter of withdrawal without a peace treaty, to be detrimental to Israel because concessions, regardless of promises to the contrary, are sure to lead to more concessions.
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