No Tashkent Spirit in the Middle East

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
7 In jone 1966
Security - Arms Race, Fundamentals of Israeli Security. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Fatah, Terror Attack. Government , States - Jordan, Soviet Union (Russia), USA. Knesset , Individuals - Levi Eshkol
This extract of a speech Begin made in front of the Knesset focuses on the mistakes the Government as made in regards to Israeli security. Begin first criticizes Levi Eshkol for not taking seriously the threats made by Arabs. Eshkol is deluding Israelis and the world. Unlike Eshkol and Uri Avneri, Begin finds it important to publicize that Fatah is renewing guerilla war against Israel. Then Begin speaks about the Arab nations in the Middle East getting arms from Russia and the U.S. He rejects the U.S. decision to create a balance of arms in the Middle East. Begin comments upon the instability Israelis feel and concludes that reality shows that Eshkol and his Government are unfit for leading the country.