No, Dr. Kissinger!

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
18 In mar 1975
Foreign Policy - Fundamentals of Foreign Policy, Israel-U.S. Relationship. Security - Fundamentals of Israeli Security. Greater Land of Israel - Greater Israel. Individuals - Henry Kissinger, Yasser Arafat. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Rogers Plan. States - USA
Begin emphasizes the importance of not retreating to the 1967 borders. Israel was offered an end to belligerency in exchange for the retreat, however Begin is unimpressed. To explain the situation in a way that is more understandable for an American audience, he compares it to the hypothetical situation America would find itself in if Russia offered eternal peace if they allowed them to occupy Washington and destroy the US nuclear stockpile and missiles. Begin finds Dr. Kissinger's plan reminiscent of the Rogers Plan, which he rejected. He describes Dr. Kissinger's plan as a "step-by-step approach to the plan of our total disintegration." He argues that this disintegration of Israel will also have negative effects on America because it is possible that the Arabs will force the US to exert pressure on Israel, and if they do and Israel surrenders as a result, "there will be no bounds to Arab blackmail, which will be supported by Russia."