Mr. Ben Gurion…and a Matter of ‘Fraud and Deception’

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
16 In july 1954
States - Britain/England, USA. capital rule , Individuals - David Ben-Gurion. Democracy , Liberty of Men - Economic Freedom. Election System , Political Parties - General Zionists, Mapai. Government , Narrowing the Gaps
Begin writes about David Ben Gurion's attempt to change the electoral system to strengthen Mapai. He explains that Ben Gurion hopes to change the electoral system from proportional representation to the constituency system. Begin speaks about both of these systems and acknowledges that there has yet been an election system that has the perfect combination of justice and utility. He speaks about the democratic electoral systems in both England and the United States. Begin shifts to criticize Ben Gurion's desire to create a two-party government. He speaks about Ben Gurion being a Marxist. Begin concludes saying that for Israel's future, Mapai's regime needs to be weakened.