Menachem Beigin’s Message to Rand Memorial Meeting

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
29 In july 1949
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Begin recorded a message about Ze'ev Jabotinsky for a South African Revisionist audience. Begin shares Jabotinsky's simple and great ambition, which was: "Hebrew sovereignty over the whole of the territory of the historic homeland." Begin mentions a few times that there were "realists" that doubted his idea; however, Israel exists because of Jabotinsky's aim. In addition to Statehood, Jabotinsky understood the importance of fighting for freedom. Like Jabotinsky, Begin makes a distinction between fighting for freedom and militarism. Fighting for freedom consists of self sacrifice. Begin acknowledges those who sacrificed their lives for freedom. In the end he mentions that although Jabotinsky is still buried in foreign soil, his spirit lives amongst his students—the liberators of the Jewish Homeland.