Menachem Begin’s Call for a Franco-Israel Alliance

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
5 In oct 1956
Ideologies - Communism. States - Egypt, France, Soviet Union (Russia), USA. Foreign Policy - Israel-France Relationship
During his visit to France, Begin addresses the French National Assembly. He first expresses his gratitude towards France's support to Israel. Then he discusses one of Israel's main threats: Nasser. He argues that Nasser isn't just a threat for Israel, but also for Western Powers. Begin shifts to speak that France is responsible for preventing Nasser from ruling over Algeria. If France fails, then Israel will be completely surrounded by enemies. Begin also shares that the arms deal between Egypt and the Soviet Union that could easily lead to Egypt becoming a communist-military dictatorship. He reminds his audience of when the U.S. forcibly changed the regime in Guatemala to ultimately explain that Egypt is a serious threat to the Western Powers and action must be taken.