Menachem Begin Sums Up

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
24 In dec 1953
Individuals - David Ben-Gurion, Dov Gruner, Ze'ev Jabotinsky. Economy - Free Market. Government , Foreign Policy - Israel-Germany Relationship. Jewish Heritage - Linguistics. Peace
Begin addresses an audience of Cape Town Jews during his South African tour. He first speaks about his hope that Herut would do better than the current Government if it was in power. In regards to the economy, he speaks about the importance of free enterprise and preventing monopolies. He electrifies the crowd when speaking of Shalom Ash's regret of previously opposing Jabotinsky's plan for Jewish emigration from Europe. He quotes from the famous Al Chayet prayer, which is said during Yom Kippur. Begin also expresses his strong disagreement in having relations with Germany. Begin speaks about the lack of peace with Arabs and concludes that it is time for Israel "to change the driver."