Menachem Begin Speaks to the American People

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
20 In may 1975
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Begin is interviewed on "Meet the Press" during his visit to the United States. The interview first focuses on Israel's relationship with its Arab neighbors and Begin's stance against concessions prior to peace treaties. Then Begin speaks about why Israel should not be deemed responsible for the breakdown of the Israeli-Egyptian talks. There are questions about Arab refugees, with Yasser Arafat as an example of a refugee from Jerusalem. Begin makes clear that one cannot compare the PLO to Etzel. The interview goes back to discussing Henry Kissinger's efforts to bring peace in the Middle East. Additionally, Begin expresses concern in U.S. discontinuing its assistance to Israel. Begin also argues that Israel is not isolated by the world. The interview concludes with Begin saying, "…if the Arabs know that Israel is indestructible, they will think about peace. If they know that their artillery can obliterate us, then the chance of peace is lost."