Menachem Begin Lectures to Pretoria University on ‘Wars of Liberation’

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
23 In oct 1953
Ideologies - Communism, Fascism. Liberty of Men - French Revolution. Jewish Heritage - Linguistics. Peace , Security - War of Independence. Education - Youth
Begin lectures to students at Pretoria University about the War of Independence. He compares the recent fight for freedom with the Maccabees. Both fought to return the Jewish nation to its homeland. He also speaks about just like in other liberation wars, many of the fighters die, and others take their place so "the chain is never broken, the fight for freedom goes on." Additionally, Begin explains that freedom fighters do not believe in physical force, but rather moral force. Begin then shares that a key difference between Israel's liberation war and other liberation wars is that in other liberation wars, the nations gained an ally. This was not that case for Israel; Israel only gained sympathy. To conclude his lecture, he spoke about the importance of youth returning to religion had having real sincere faith.