Menachem Begin Interviewed on New York Television

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3 In jan 1961
Political Parties - Betar, Herut. States - Britain/England. Underground - British Mandate, Etzel, Gallows Martyrs, Haganah, Palmach, Underground Operation. Security - Reprisal Actions, War of Independence. Individuals - Ze'ev Jabotinsky
An extract of an interview Begin gave to Chris Wallace. The full version of the interview can be found at a newsletter from the UNITED ZIONISTS REVISIONISTS OF AMERICA. Begin felt persecuted as a Jew and winess persecution against Jews from his childhood through his college years. He joined Zeev Jabotinsky's Betar movement and decided that the Jews had to fight for their own state. Etzel saw the situation in Mandatory Palestine more realistically than the Haganah and knew that there was no way they would be given a state without fighting for it. Allegations that Etzel was a bunch of cowards who killed randomly and would not face the enemy in open conflict were completely wrong, as the warnings before attacks, storming of Acre prison, and brave deaths of the Gallows Martyrs proves.
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