Menachem Begin Holds Knesset Spellbound With Analysis of Mapai Policy

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
12 In mar 1954
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Upon his return from South Africa, Begin addresses the Knesset during a debate on the Foreign Ministry's budget. Begin states that he will focus on policy and facts. He emphasizes his philosophy as right is might, while the Government's principle is might is right. He also discusses how the Government helps the Arab nations who seek the destruction of Israel. For example, Moshe Sharett encouraged the U.S. to form closer relations with Israel's enemies. Also, Israel's UN representatives voted for the independence of Libya, and soon after Libya's independence, it joined the Arab League. Additionally, regarding Kibiya, Sharett condemned the military operation, which of course gave reason for the UN to reprimand the event. Begin specifically talks about the Government chasing after peace with Arab nations, and how nothing has been achieved. He closes by encouraging the Government to admit their mistakes and stop missing opportunities to end the bloodshed.