Menachem Begin Broadcasts to South Africa

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
27 In nov 1953
Ideologies - Communism. Foreign Policy - Diplomacy. Jewish Heritage - Holocaust, Linguistics. Greater Land of Israel - Jerusalem, Transjordan. States - Soviet Union (Russia). Security - War of Independence
Begin broadcasts on the South African Broadcasting Corporation. He first speaks about the link between the Union of South Africa and Israel. He explains that their geographic link is narrowed because of "modern means of communication." There is also a spiritual link between the two nations; both are dreamers and pioneers. Begin speaks about the goodwill he feels based on seeing the country and meeting the Prime Minister, press, and citizens. He shifts to talk about Israel's potential to develop in both agricultural and industrial ways. He speaks of other countries considered to be in the Middle East and that in those countries, majority of people are in "misery and disease and malnutrition." Begin expresses that the condition of these other countries make them a target for communism. Then he strongly states that despite threats from Israel's enemies, Israel is going to stay on the map. He concludes that the Union of South Africa and Israel will have a solid friendship.