Jerusalem is Not Phnom-Penh

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
8 In apr 1975
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Begin very clearly outlines the goals of Israel as: "peace treaty, declaration on the establishment of peaceful relations, ceasefire, armistice, non-belligerence, and a state of war and its annulment." Begin accuses Dr. Kissinger of trying to deprive Israel of what it needs, a peace treaty. He says that without a peace treaty, there can be no transference of territory, except, according to Kissinger, in Israel. Likud urges the Prime Minister to not retreat until Egypt has annulated the state of war, meaning no withdrawal from the land without a peace treaty. He says that if Israel were to comply with Egypt's demands and retreat, Israel would be in the same position as the war-torn Vietnamese city Phnom-Penh, "within the range of the enemy's guns." Even America, he says, cannot help alleviate the situation there because of the gunfire of the Khmer Rouge forces. He says, "They are what our enemies wish for us," as he urges the public to stand tall, not to retreat, and defend Israel.