Jabotinsky’s Vision Will Yet Come True

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
7 In dec 1971
Diaspora - Diaspora Jewry, World Congress. Political Parties - Gahal, Mapam. Greater Land of Israel - Golan Heights, Settlements. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Jewish Majority, Partition Plan. Aliyah - Return to Zion. Security - Six-Day War. Individuals - Ze'ev Jabotinsky
Begin discusses the need to urge Jews from all over the world to make aliyah. He covers a demographic study which turned out to be inaccurate in predicting the situation a few short years after the Six-Day War, since it didn't account for the changes in aliyah rates. He closes by noting that aliyah is not the same as emigration, because it is often done not to achieve a better life, but to return to their Motherland.