It is Only a Passing Quarrel

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
19 In july 1966
Democracy , Election System , Elections , Underground - Etzel. Political Parties - Gahal, Herut. Liberty of Men - Individual Liberty. Knesset , Jewish Heritage - Linguistics
Begin explains his resignation as Chairman of the Herut Movement. He says it is because of the defeat of the Herut-Liberal Bloc in the Sixth Knesset elections. Then Begin goes into detail about his frustrations towards Herut members' actions against him. There was a theory constructed without Begin's knowledge: If Herut is divided in opinion over who should be elevated and who demoted to office, then the chairman of the Movement (meaning Begin) would have to be a referee. A referee does not give his input. In Begin's conclusion, he expresses hope for Herut members to stop acting like "pampered children."