Israel’s Fruits of Victory Are Now in the Balance

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
24 In jone 1975
Political Parties - Achdut Ha'avoda. Individuals - Anwar Sadat, Henry Kissinger, Yasser Arafat. Foreign Policy - Diplomacy, Israel-U.S. Relationship. States - Egypt, Syria, USA. Greater Land of Israel - Golan Heights, Greater Israel, Sinai Peninsula. Government , Interim Agreements , Knesset , Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Palestinians. peace process with Egypt , Security - Self-Defense, Six-Day War, Yom Kippur War
Begin speaks about how it is dangerous for Israel to continuously retreat without peace agreements. He first speaks about the major losses of security, oil, and money if Israel hands over the Milta and Giddi passes and the Abu Rodeis oilfields. Begin then explains why it is dangerous to retreat back to the 1967 border lines without a true peace treaty. He counter-argues the claim by foreign powers that Israel should be pleased that if it retreats to the 1967 lines, Arab nations will recognize Israel's right to exist. Begin speaks about Anwar Sadat's strategy of emphasizing that not only does Israel need to retreat to the 1967 borders, Israel also needs to restore the rights of Palestinians. Towards the end, Begin discusses the discrimination Israel experiences by its ships not being allowed to pass through the Suez Canal. He concludes that now is the time for complete alertness.