Israel Was Right in Attempt to Capture Habash

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
4 In sept 1973
Political Parties - Gahal. States - Lebanon, USA. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - PLO, Terror Attack. Security - Reprisal Actions. Foreign Policy - UN
Begin expresses his opinion about Israel's attempt to capture PLO's George Habash. Begin first speaks about the condemnation Israel faced from both the East and West. He then explains that Habash is like Eichman because he wants to kill anyone who is Jewish or Israel-oriented. Begin provides an example of the attack Habash and his comrades committed in the Athens Airport. This example also shows that other nations will not condemn Habash's desire to harm people travelling to Israel. Begin then speaks about it is up to Israel to defend Jews and Israelis. He continues to explain that Israel needs to be proactive, instead of just reactive to the PLO's terror attacks. He concludes that he is a true patriot because "true patriotism demands that one should acknowledge national mistakes and strive to rectify them."