Israel Has Now Come Full Circle

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
22 In jone 1971
Individuals - Abraham (Yair) Stern, Anwar Sadat, Gunnar Jarring, William Rogers, Yigal Alon. Foreign Policy - American Jewry, Israel-U.S. Relationship, UN. States - Egypt, USA. Government , Greater Land of Israel - Greater Israel, Jerusalem. Interim Agreements , Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Palestinians, Rogers Plan. Peace
Begin discusses the relationship between Israel and the United States because of William Rogers and his Plan. Rogers visited Cairo and said that Egypt has done everything required for peace and when he visited Israel, he said that it was now Israel's turn to do the same. Begin argues, though, that Anwar Sadat's agreement to making peace with Israel would, in stages, destroy Israel. With that being said, if Israel does not agree to the concessions the U.S. demands, there could be potential U.S. economic pressure. Begin mentions a number of Ministers who say that Israel will stand firm and reject the pressure. Begin is skeptical of the Government's strong position because a few months ago, this was not the Government's position. Begin believes that there are other influential countries besides the U.S.; however, he hopes that the U.S. will see Egypt as "Moscow's satellite" and will not deprive Israel of military supplies and economic assistance.