Irgun Head Scores Benadotte Plan

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25 In nov 1948
Security - Army, War of Independence. States - Britain/England. Underground - Etzel. Individuals - Folke Bernadotte. Political Parties - Herut. Greater Land of Israel - Jerusalem. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Partition Plan. Foreign Policy - UN
An interview Begin gave to the New York Times in 1948 about the Bernadotte Plan. The British are still the greatest enemies of the young State of Israel. They are using the United Nations to enact their plan to partition Eretz Israel and leave the Jews in a ghetto. The British are also helping the invading Arab armies. Begin says that invasion cannot be rewarded in any part of the workd lest it be rewarded everywhere. The Arab countries have learned that they cannot defeat Israel militarily, for in modern warfare the Jews possess the advantage of will and brainpower that are more important than mere numbers. However, the Arab countries are beginning to take revenge on the Jews who live in them. The international community needs to set up a league to help these Jews. The Herut Party will use political means to fight against partition.
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