I Refuse to Bow Before Authoritarianism

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
29 In may 1962
Underground - battle description, Etzel, Haganah, Lechi, United Resistance Movement. Commission of Inquiry , Individuals - David Ben-Gurion. Government , Greater Land of Israel - Jerusalem. Knesset , Political Parties - Mapai. Security - War of Independence
Begin shares the uproar that took place in the Knesset after it had voted a motion of no confidence in the Government. While referring to a specific battle involving Jerusalem in the War of Independence, Ben Gurion argues that members of the Irgun and Herut opposed this war and even called it a Tisha B'Av. To correct Ben Gurion's parphrase, Begin then quotes what he said during a debate in the First Knesset on Jerusalem. He gives battle descriptions and explains why he used the term Tisha B'Av. Begin then directs a few paragraphs about Ben Gurion and Ben Gurion's hatred towards Begin. Begin describes himself as respectful, and one who "despise[s] authoritarianism, self-adulation, presumptuousness of the heart and the distortion of the truth." Begin concludes that he fought for liberty during the War of Independence, and it was Ben Gurion who did not.