How Herut United the Knesset on Arab Refugee Issue

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
21 In nov 1961
Individuals - David Ben-Gurion. Political Parties - Herut. Aliyah - Ingathering of Jews from Arab Lands. Knesset , Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Refugee Issue. States - USA
Begin shares how the Herut Party successfully united the different political parties regarding the important national matter of Arab refugees. Begin explains the three-point motion Herut submitted to the representatives of the Government. At first, the Government submitted a counter-proposal, to which Herut responded that it was prepared to combine the original motion with the Government's counter-proposal. Begin recalls that it seemed like the Government was not going to accept Herut's stand, so then Herut prepared to submit a motion for a debate to take place in the Knesset. Last minute, though, the Government agreed to a joint motion. Begin then shifts to share David Ben-Gurion's hopes for a two-party rule in Israel. Begin quotes and criticizes Ben-Gurion and concludes that it would be problematic for the nation if the parties did not establish the regime, but rather the regime established the parties.