How Far are We Going to Retreat?

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
4 In jan 1957
Individuals - Abraham (Yair) Stern, David Ben-Gurion. States - Britain/England, Egypt, France, Soviet Union (Russia). Ideologies - Communists. Greater Land of Israel - Greater Israel, Jerusalem, Sinai Peninsula. Political Parties - Herut. Knesset , Foreign Policy - UN
Begin writes about the controversy over who should control the Suez Canal area. He argues that David Ben-Gurion made a major mistake when overnight changing Israel's position, meaning that Israel would retreat. Unlike Britain and France, Israel will be threatened by Nasser if Egypt gets control of the Suez Canal region. In regards to the idea of the UNO police force be stationed there, Begin argues that the land will end up in Nasser's hands. If Egypt returns to the Suez Canal, Begin is confident that they will rebuild their army. Additionally, should Israel retreat from Suez Canal area, it will invite the international world to demand Israel to also retreat from the Sinai Peninsula, Gaza, and eventually, Jerusalem.